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A stunning reno for an experienced commercial caterer who knows what she wants in her home kitchen!

Stainless steel countertops featuring marine edges for spillage control, an integrated stainless sink seamlessly welded in place, subtly-creased drainboards, 3″ formed backsplashes, and the counter extends over the window sills for a luxurious amount of usable space!

A lovely combination of figured cherry and white ash wood finishes, highly-functional stainless steel, porcelain backsplashes, and an amazing herringbone white oak floor.

An exceptional working kitchen!

Figured cherry and stainless…a beautiful combination. Each drawer is equipped with contents’ organizers.

Horizontal bifold lifts for easy access to wall cabinets.

A striking storage and display cabinet within arm’s reach of the table.

A lovely mix of materials, textures and finishes. A pleasure to live with!

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